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Hello all,

A new version of my VIEWS of the Pacific Northwest site is now up! I've been working on this for the last few months, making a pointed shift from "photo blog" to "commercial enterprise" and generally simplifying / improving things all around. It's been a fun and deeply educational experience, as web projects often are.

The new site has a few things you might find interesting:     

1) Simplified Print Sizes — All currently offered prints are the same size (20x60in) leaving you free to focus on the image itself.

2) Half-Size Prints — Since not all of us have massive walls available, all VIEWS prints are now available in half-size (10x30in).

3) Multi-Desktop Wallpapers — All panoramic are available as free 3-panel, retina-resolution wallpapers... perfectly sized for use on MacOS Spaces. Panoramic images pose an interesting challenge when translated to wallpaper due to their extreme aspect ratio, but the format actually enables something pretty special when paired with multiple screens (or multiple desktops).

Stop by and take a look!

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"For a long time I've been a fan of Hood River. It’s a beautiful place, nestled on the banks of the Columbia River filled with breweries and good people. But the overwhelming draw to the area has always been Mt. Hood. Being from Seattle originally, I never thought I’d forsake my precious Mt. Rainier in favor of adopting another “home mountain,” but in the long years since I moved to Portland, the slender silhouette of Mt. Hood has become intrinsic to my mental model of what a mountain is. It isn't a matter of Mt. Hood being more picturesque or awe-inspiring than its hulking cousin to the north. It simply has assumed a place in my mind as the quintessential mountain."

I was going through my photography from the last few years and realized that I've spent the better half of a decade capturing this peak through the progressive march of seasons. First from one vantage point, and then another as I discovered new points of view and ways to get closer. It’s kind of a beautiful, ongoing journey… and I'd like to share it with you.

Come take a look!

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Hello, fellow deviants!

I've recently revamped my entire online gallery, simplifying it and doing away with Flash altogether in favor of good ol' responsive HTML and CSS (and it's about damn time, too). It features a newly updated collection of wallpapers for both laptop/PC (now at 1920x1200 so they actually fit your 16:10 screens) and smartphone... and since it's not flash anymore iPhone people can actually get to it! Please take a moment to check it out -- and if you find any bugs, let me know.

Take a look!

And for those of you who are enjoying my VIEWS of the Pacific Northwest collection, be sure to visit the site itself to see the full spread -- all available in large format fine art paper or canvas prints.

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Hey all,

You may see a large number of re-submissions in the coming days... I'm reorganizing my DeviantArt account to accommodate my VIEWS of the Pacific Northwest project and a general overhaul of my gallery page. I've learned a lot about prints and image quality while setting up my photography business, and this reorganization will represent a culling of images that aren't up to snuff from a print point of view. Many deviations will disappear, never to be seen again, but still more will return having been tweaked and polished for your enjoyment. If you can't find a piece that you had favorited prior, please feel free to message me and I'll let you know if it's on backlog or removed pending reshoots.

In other news, stay tuned for a fully rebuilt gallery page -- in HTML5, so it'll work on your phones and tablets as well. It's about time, right?
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Structure, a new ambient album from composer Mike Lemmon (of Experience The Planets fame) is now available! 

"Following the success of Neue's "The Planets", "Structure" explores new ambient electronic soundscapes. Featuring warm piano melodies, haunting beats, and lush distorted textures, Structure was crafted to take listeners on a new introspective journey."
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I'm pleased to announce the launch of VIEWS of the Pacific Northwest, an ongoing photographic tribute to the Pacific Northwest and my new focused venture for large-format, panoramic photography.

Come take a peek and see what I've been up to!
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A new piece has (finally) been added to the Experience The Planets project by Justin Spice, who is himself a new (artist) addition to the project. His work illustrates a unique perspective on Saturn's shepherd moons and rings, and is well worth taking a peep at.  Welcome aboard, Justin!

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For those of your who have enjoyed the ambient music on my Experience The Planets project, you'll be thrilled to know my friend Mike Lemmon has finished the last of the planet tracks and made them available for sale. The new tracks are uniformly AWESOME.  

The bad news is he needs to optimize them for streaming before they can be added to the ETP site.  

The good news is you can buy the album today at the link below (or just click the art).  The album is cheap, the music is awesome, go show him some love!  

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The newly renovated and refreshed EXPERIENCE THE PLANETS project site is now online and open for visitors. I've got all sorts of geeky things I could say about the simple/fast new interface, the 50% improvement on load time and even the three new tracks from Mike Lemmon's PLANETS suite... but you know what, why don't you just stop on by see what you think!

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For any and all interested parties, I thought you'd like to know that the newly refurbished ETP site will launch SEPTEMBER 1, 2010.

When launched the new site will have been completely rebuilt to make it faster loading, easier to browse and generally a better experience. It will bring the art to the forefront of the experience and be less restrictive of topics going forwards. The relaunch will also include a brand new piece, bringing our collection up to a round dozen works (with more to come).

While I've been busy rebuilding the experience, my friend Michael Lemmon has been busy continuing work on his Planets album. I'm happy to announce that the ETP site will feature three new tracks of his ambient music (as well as the track "Earth", which plays on the current site). Additional tracks will be added to the experience as they become available --  eventually the full album will include a track for each of the planets.

Having this redesign completed is a personal cause for celebration for me... because it means I can focus on painting instead of site-building. I've already got a new piece lined up, and I'm eager to get back to work on it!

Thanks to all who have sent notes and comments with encouragement, stay tuned peeps!
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A refresh of the EXPERIENCE THE PLANETS project is now officially underway.

Begun way back at the start of 2008, the ETP project has evolved continually. When it was launched almost ten months ago the site itself reflected bold aspirations to bring a constant stream of new work to visitors. Unfortunately when combining the intrusions of life with our research and critique-intensive approach to each piece, the span of time between each new piece is a lot longer than we'd planned for.

As such the ETP site is shifting to better fulfill its role of providing access to the growing collection the ETP artists have worked so hard on. And it IS growing, I promise you... The refresh will launch with a new piece right off the bat and there are others in the pipeline.  

But this refresh isn't just to make me feel better. During its stay in the interwebs the ETP site received a lot of feedback from visitors (both good and bad) -- and it's been duly noted. Taking this inspired critique to heart, the site will become simpler to use, faster to load and (hopefully) freshly inspiring for space artists everywhere. When it's done EXPERIENCE THE PLANETS will be a far better, simpler vessel for sharing our views of the solar system with you all.

No launch date has been set -- but she'll fly the moment she's done.
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I know I just did this a month or so ago but the tweaks and improvements I had planned to bring my new gallery into line turned out to be a more or less reworking of the essential experience. I'm always striving for a simpler experience that allows the main focus (art & photography) to come to the foreground. I also want to make the site itself a memorable experience that delights the audience and then gets the hell out of the way. So with all that in mind I present to you my NEW new art gallery. Please let me know what you think!


I've just launched a new, updated gallery. My old one had been sitting stagnant for quite some time, mostly because when I made it I didn't know how to have dynamically loading images and such -- as a result it was a royal pain in the ass to update.

This new gallery is a bit simplified and should host a much more "live" collection of my best works. Every piece there is available as an HD wallpaper and, with a few exceptions, as a print. I've decided to make the move to just offering HD resolution wallpaper because it's too much work to keep up with everyone's esoteric resolutions (so don't ask). This way those of us in the higher range will be happy and those of you with smaller screens can at the very least shrink to fit (which is far better than going the other direction!)

I'm likely to keep tinkering with the gallery as it lives on to work the kinks out and slowly evolve the design, but for now welcome all and I hope you enjoy the new digs!

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I've been a bit quiet lately on the illustration front, a period of deceptive quiescence that will soon come to fruition!  A major project/web experience created via collaboration with Luminarium artists will go live on midnight, Friday July 31, 2009 (PST) I'm speaking of EXPERIENCE THE PLANETS (ETP), the substance behind over two years of scheming, drawing, critiquing, and finally programming. The project will launch with four new pieces of my own and several others by additional artists. It's going to be good, people, and it's only the beginning.

Stay tuned.


If you're in the mood for some blatant advertising, grab one of the banners below and display it proudly.

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Has anyone here bought an Intuos 4? If so I'd love to hear your thoughts on it -- Pros and cons.  I work at the firm that designed it and was constantly trying to push the "artist" point of view in the process...  how'd we do?


Mon Aug 11, 2008, 10:52 AM
Does anyone here twitter? I'm sirgerg -- look me up and reply here as well if you are on it too. It'd be fun to gain further insights into the crowd here via microblogging.

A veritable trove

Sat Aug 9, 2008, 5:46 PM
I decided it was high time I got my photos all organized on my computer, and BOY did I have a lot of photos that never saw the light of day tucked away there!

It's almost cathartic to be able to delete over 10gb of ugly fat in terms of half-finished PSD files for photos that are already preserved in their final state elsewhere... I'm sure we've all had similar experiences with work-in-progress bloat.

Well I'm proving myself a liar about the lack of submissions here... can't be helped. My latest (Gorge Sunrise) is a revived piece from almost 8 months ago -- I had completely forgot I had it. A little finishing work later here it is. I hope some of these other dusty relics clean up as nice, I'll share them as I finish them.

I only LOOK dead...

Sun Jul 20, 2008, 9:26 PM
There's going to be a dearth of submissions from me over the next several months... well, artwork submissions anyway (photography is like taking a break for me).

Not that this is breaking from the norm by any means ;)

I'm in the midst of a large project and my free time is being completely consumed. It'll all be worth it in the end... so don't give up on me, I'm alive and kicking -- just out of sight.

Name your top space artists...

Fri Jul 4, 2008, 12:28 PM
I'm looking to see who's really excelling out there by the judgment of the DA community. I'm just trying to see who's around, so don't stick me on your list -- I know I exist ;)

In particular I'm looking for the following three qualities (not necessarily all present in the same artist):

Who's got the magic touch in bringing gossamer whisps and boldly energized gasses to life?

Planets from Space
Who's got the best compositions? The most compelling conjunctions of planets?

Atmosphere or Landscapes of Far Off Worlds
Who's the best at giving us a glimpse of the myriad details that exist below the troposphere?

Send them in (and link to their DA pages too if you would)...  I'm really quite curious to hear what you think.